8. Don’t bring ticks home

Check clothing and pets for ticks to avoid bringing them inside. Ticks are very intolerant to being dried out so clothing can be treated in a tumble dryer to kill any ticks that remain hidden (make sure you check laundry instructions before putting items in the dryer) . Tests have demonstrated that ticks can survive a full cycle in the washing machine and short periods in a dryer, so prolonged periods of drying may be necessary.

Pet accessories (such as dog coats and beds) and soft furnishings may be treated against ticks and fleas. However, certain products can be harmful to certain pets such as cats or fish. Pyrethrum-based products are highly toxic to cats and should not be used in households where cats are present. It is always best to discuss tick and flea control with your vet, and always follow the manufacturers’ instructions to avoid accidental poisoning of your pets.