Clinical Signs & Symptoms:

Feline Babesiosis generally presents as a chronic, low-grade disease.
Lethargy (weakness / loss of energy)
Rough haircoat
Pyrexia – uncommon (fever)
Haemolytic anaemia (anaemias caused by the destruction of red blood cells)
Mucous membrane pallor
Haemoglobinuria (dark red, haemoglobin-containing urine)
Icterus – uncommon (Jaundice – yellowing of the skin and eyes that is caused by too much bilirubin in the blood)
Anorexia (loss of appetite leading to weight loss)
Tachycardia (rapid heart rate)
Tachypnea (rapid breathing)
In severe cases: pulmonary oedema, hepatopathy (disorder of the liver), and central nervous system dysfunction