Babesia canis Prevention

Tick treatment products that rapidly kill or repel and kill ticks will reduce the risk of transmission of babesiosis. No tick preventative product is 100% however, so it is important for pet owners to be vigilant and check for ticks on their pets every day, removing any ticks with a tick hook such as the tick twister remover. It is important to remove ticks without stressing them and without leaving the mouthparts in situ. A simple “twist and pull action” is required. This can also be performed with tweezers but with a straight pull upwards as rotation with tweezers may break off mouthparts. They should be fine pointed and not blunt as crushing will stress the tick, causing it to regurgitate and increase the risk of disease transmission. Traditional techniques to loosen the tick such as the application of petroleum jellies, freezing or burning will also increase this likelihood and are contra indicated. It takes at least 24 hours for B canis to be transmitted, so owners should check their dogs daily for ticks and remove any with a tick hook.