The O’Tom Tick Twister ® 

The O’Tom Tick Twister is favoured by professionals (veterinary, medical, forestry and field workers etc), as well as by members of the general public.

In a comparison study of four different tick-removal devices, published in the Veterinary Record (2006, 159, 526-529), the O’Tom Tick Twister was compared with surgical forceps, a pen-tweezer device, and a tempered steel tool (slit and traction action). The O’Tom Tick Twister proved to be significantly better than the other devices for the time required to remove the tick, the ease with which the tick was grabbed, the force needed to extract the tick, the reaction of the animal, and the condition of the tick’s mouth parts.

In order to ascertain whether mouth parts are intact, examination under an electron microscope is required. It is not possible to see the mouth parts that enter the skin with the naked eye or a magnifying glass.